UNFOLD / influencer marketing

What is influencer marketing worth in todays’ competitive media landscape?

At UNFOLD we believe that influencer marketing is an important part of the integrated marketing campaign. Rather than simply paying for single post, we believe in building synergetic relations with influencers. By doing so we create enthusiastic brand ambassadors that communicate from the heart about the brands we work with.


Style counts

Creativity, authenticity, authority and style counts. A great campaign is all about finding the perfect influencer for the brand. At UNFOLD we work with the whole scale of tastemakers, from niche to macro, sports, fashion, design, health, mummy or celebs to find that perfect match.


Off-line experiences

In our opinion, the best way to connect is by meeting in person. We like to do so by organizing visually stunning events, whether it is on the beach, the newest place in town or right here at our very own Pop Up venue.


Our vision

Executing a campaign perfectly does not mean just checking numbers in a huge database. We rather evaluate: “Who is the perfect match for this campaign? Are we reaching the target audience? How credible is the combination of the message and the outlet? What is the quality of the created content? And finally, how can we (co-) create a perfect message?”


Curious how you can integrate influencer marketing in your campaign?

Read our whitepaper to discover the endless possibilities.

Or call / e-mail us for a meeting: Sylvia Avontuur, 020-4211226 , sylvia@unfold360.com